Links and literature


European Flame, website for teachers on autonomous vocabulary learning. Website in English, but also available in Dutch, German, Icelandic and Swedish versions - to be selected on the home page.

Language for work network, website of the European network for those involved in L2 learning at the workplace, facilitated by the ECML in Graz.

​​​​​​​EPALE, digital platform for adult education in Europe. The site is available in different languages, to be selected on the home page.

Melkweg+, website with free materials for literacy and language development. In Dutch.

Literacies for learning in further education, a short film on research into literacy practices.

Learn for life, website of the Dutch Platform for International Adult Education. In Dutch and English.

FaDaf, website of the Union for German as foreign and second language. In German.

Alphabetisierung, website of the Union for Literacy and Basic education. In German.

Natecla, website of the National Association for Teaching English and Community Languages to Adults. In English.

BVNT2, website of the Dutch Association of Teachers of Dutch L2. In Dutch.

Het Begint met Taal, network organisation for volunteer organisations for Dutch as a L2. In Dutch.

Stichting Lezen en Schrijven, website of the Reading & Writing Foundation. In Dutch.

Steunpunt Basisvaardigheden, website of the National support organisation for basic skills. In Dutch.

International Coach Federation, website. In English.

Coaching questions using the GROW model, website. In English.

Leren leren door coaching, website. In Dutch.

Languages advocates at the Swedish workplace, a short film about care staff who support language development at work.

Tips for using clean language in coaching, article about metaphors in language use, from the English website Clean language.


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